Digital infrastructure enabling portability of data in the gig economy

When we enable portability of gig data we enhance the possibilities for the gig worker to be matched. Portability also creates possibility for the ecosystem at large as well as it promotes a diverse, sustainable and inclusive development of the gig economy.

Portability creates possibility

What data should be portable?

This is a key question for Open platforms with an answer that will evolve along with the evolution of the gig economy. Open platforms Gig Data Standard is the first draft for a collection of data points agreed to be valuable for the individual in gig work matching contexts.

My digital backpack is Open platforms proof of concept service. The service enables users to connect their gig data from different platforms and creates a verified and visual representation of their data.

Digital Backpack

My digital backpack

Platforms that are connected to the Open platforms API and thus enabling portability of reputation data are certified by open platforms.

Open platforms Certification


Citizen-owned infrastructure for sustainable development

Open platforms is built by Jobtechgig which is owned by the citizens of Sweden. The infrastructure aims to create a nourishing environment for sustainable development and longterm infrastructural value for citizens.